Priia About to Pout Natural Lip Gloss

This review is looooong overdue. I won a giveaway last month over at Make Up Theory Workshops last month and the prize was a free Priia natural lip gloss!

I got to choose the color I wanted. They had so many awesome colors, it was hard to choose just one! But in the end, I chose Dragon Fruit.

I really like the color. Just as pigmented as all the other lip glosses out on the market. What I like about the gloss is that it's made from all natural ingredients, it's not sticky and it keeps my lips uber moisturized; it doesn't dry them out one bit.

I swear I have chronicly dry lips. It will be 100 degrees with all the humidity and they are still dry. Usually most lip glosses enhance the problem and dry them out even faster. This lip gloss, for a change, doesn't do that. It actually moisturizes them. Hot ish! So with that right there, I'm sold.

Great color and moisturizing, I'm in heaven!

Kelley, the creator and owner, is mad coo and she provides EXCELLENT customer service. She provides great natural cosmetic alternatives for all my Eco-Chic ladies.

If you have looked at my beauty wishlist on the lower right hand side, you'll notice I have the mineral foundation powder on my list. I've heard great things about them and she offers a wide variety to include all skin tones. (My ladies of color, I've heard from various sources that they don't ashen our faces. So get on it!) You can check out Make Up Theory Workshops' results with the powder here. She looks great!

Priia Cosmetics. Ask about em.

Kelley, I'll be doing business with you very soon. Especially to get more of these lip glosses, they ROCK!


PRIIA Cosmetics said…
Thank you for the wonderful kudos Milan! I'm absolutely thrilled that you love your gloss and that it's keepin' that sexy pout of yours moisturized!

Enjoy girly!

Warm rgds,