Reading in Style

Everything in life should be done with style and why should reading be done any differently? I present to you a chic way to mark your page in your latest novel:

My mother is a creative beast. I luv her imagination and talent. It's from her that I inherited my luv of anything art and all things fashion, style and imagination.

She makes these awesomely unique bookmarks and many of them have hair many of us highly textured hair ladies rock with pride everyday. Check some of them out.

I luv that she creates them in a wide range of skin tones so everyone can have one they identify with if they like. (They come in 8 different skin tones-not all pictured here.)

If you live in the Cincinnati area, you can find them at Kennedy Heights Art Center or Eula Lifestyle Boutique.

They can also be purchased at her Esty shop (site is undergoing maintenance and bookmarks will be back up by Thursday at the latest. Check back soon!).

Interested in getting them custom made or buying in larger quantities? Contact her on her website at

Stay tuned. 3 of you will have a chance to win one in my first giveaway!


Manecoarse said…
I love those. (The Etsy link is not working, unless it's something on my end.)
Milan said…
Thanks for informing me of this! I will fix it. :o)
PRIIA Cosmetics said…
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! What a great idea. I love to see creative talent like this!
Sheila said…
Absolutely adorable and very creative!!! I'll be checking the Etsy website back on Thursday-I gotta have one.
Milan said…
I'm glad you ladies like them!

I'm putting bookmarks on the Etsy shop as we speak. I have now become the one to maintain the shop. LOL.
Esh said…
These are SOO cute :-)

Is your mom still making them? I would love to order some(10-20) for next Christmas.

I will send u a PM on LHCF too.

Take care :-)