Snag a Miva Marks Bookmark

I'm excited to be hosting my first giveaway! *blows party horn and does a jig*

So, remember how I was talking about my mother's awesome bookmarks with fly make up and hairstyles? Well she graciously donated these 3 pictured for a giveaway on here!

These are one of a kind, handcrafted bookmarks with hand drawn faces.

Here's the rules and guidelines:

* Comment on this post about one of your favorite natural hair care books to enter
* Winners will be picked via random lottery (I will pull names out of a hat)
* Last day to enter is May 8th

********Giveaway Deadline has been extended to May 29th. Get those entries in!!!!**************

Good luck ladies! These bookmarks also make great gifts, conversation pieces, and collectible items.


Amina said…
yay, a giveaway!
My favorite book is no lye by Tulani Kincard. It is the first book on natural haircare I've ever read and that convinced me that I did the right thing by going natural because she said, if you have a relaxer and your stylist tells you that it's healthy. She's lying! It will never be healthy because relaxer, dryness and breakage go together and form a vicious cycle.

Since then,I've read several books and really enjoy Falling in love with your nappy hair as well as Dreads
Laquita said…
Those bookmarks are wonderful :o)

Okay, one of my favorite books is Tenderheaded by Juliette Harris, Pamela Johnson.

It's a book filled with stories and pictures about natural hair - from why people cover their hair to tetimonies about wearing natural hair. It also has entries from the famous like Toni Morrison and Henry Louis Gates Jr., as well as everyday people.

I even love the cover it reminds me of back in the day when I used to sit in my grandmother's kitchen getting my hair hot combed :o) I also had the opportunity to meet the authors and get my copy signed.
Rasheedah A said…
My fav would have to be the first book I read, Hair Rules! by A. Dickey. Loved that it had info on everything from relaxing to shampooing/conditioning to weaves. The book is mainly about being natural but it also had tips for those that have relaxed hair. Loved the illustrations and the q&a after each chapter. I would def recommend to people who are thinking about going natural, transitioning, currently natural, and people who relax their hair.

Great read!
Milan said…
Thanks for your entries ladies! Let's keep them coming!
Narahs' Jewelry said…
My favorite hair book which also helped me through my transition is "Relaxed or Natural---You Can Have Beautiful, Black, Healthy Hair" by Eddie Lee. Her book can be found on her website at or htttp://
Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful gift. I will keep my fingers crossed. LOL.
Milan said…
I've never heard of this book NuBeauti, I'll have to check this one out! Thanks for entering!
pulchri2dinous said…
Well, I would like to read "All Mixed up" by Najahface, because she has a lot of good recipes and ideas =)
Milan said…
I like her channel on YouTube. I didn't know she had a book.
NappyIntentions said…
I am still transitioning, and thats what I find myself doing is RESEARCH. A book I would like to read is Going Natural: How to fall in love with nappy hair by Mirelle Liong-A-Kong. Thanks for the giveaway. :D Blessings.
Milan said…
NappyIntentions: You got it right. Transitioning is the perfect time to research research research so when yo finally BC, you have a better idea where to start.

Just from the title it sounds like an awesome book. Thanks for sharing/entering and happy transitioning!
I read a book from a natural sista, Benilde Little, entitled "Good Hair"...hmmm, wonder what sparked that title?? LOL. But it is about everything except the's about LOVE. Awww.
dmoni said…
I would like to read "I Love My Hair!" by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley to my daughter. She has thick curly/kinky hair and often gets discouraged because she wants her hair to be straight. I think this book can be a tool to help her appreciate her beautiful hair.