Twist and Shout: Mini Twists

A couple days ago, I was drooling over Ebony Princess H's beautiful hair. Then I noticed a few months after her BC, she was rocking mini twists on her hair and they looked haute, haute, HAUTE. I got to thinking, I have that much hair, let's give this try. I didn't think twists could look nice on me now b/c my hair is so short. It never crossed my mind to just make them really small till I was perusing through her albums. I like these so much, I might finish out my Grow Out Challenge with these instead.

I did them yesterday and it took me about 3hrs to complete. I employed the "grab and go" method, meaning no perfect parts, when I did them. I misted each section with some water before twisting and twisted with Afro Veda PUR Whipped Gelly. (I liked twisting with it but I'm going to try aloe vera gel mixed with coconut oil next time and compare.)

My goal is to keep them in for a week (and then rock a twist out for a day or two). My ultimate goal is to keep a set in for two weeks at a time and just re-twist areas as needed. I will moisturize them daily with a moisturizing mist I made. I wanted to order honeyquat and silk amino acids to be part of the mist but after reviewing my spending plan for this month, I learned that I only have $7 left of my $20 allocated to hair products this month. I know. It's April 5th. Let's not go there right now.......

So because I will now have to wait next month to buy those 2, I had to come up with something now. Something that all the ingredients were in my home.

So, here's what I came up with:

- Water
- Aloe vera juice
- Honey
- Avocado oil
(Next batch I will use jojoba oil though- it make sense since it's the closest to the natural oil our scalp produces.)

Not too shabby. My next batch will be even better b/c it will have the honeyquat and SAA in it, but for now, this mist works just fine. I'm thinking about adding some lavender essential oil to it to give it a scent though. I think I might just do that.

Viva la mini twists!


Christina said…
I think your twists look absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait until I have enough growth to start doing things like that!
That is a pretty awesome recipe. Did it work really well on your hair?

I'm interested in seeing if moisturizing mists could be the answer to my wanting slightly more moisturized ends.
Makeup Theory said…
Oh, I am a mist making fool these days now that I discovered honeyquat and silk protein. I feel like a natural hair superhero!
Milan said…
Mrs Christina: Thank you! You will be there in no time!

FabulouslyBroke: It does work! No dry hair over here! If you don't like honey (cuz if you use too much it can feel sticky), you can use glycern instead.

MakeUp Theory: I wanna be a natural hair superhero! LOL. I hear so many good things about those 2 ingredients when they get put in a mist so I was like I wanna be down too! I know your hair is probably soft as all get out.
Laquita said…
Your twists are beautiful :o) - You could aslo achieve a similar look with mini box braids - they may take longer to do - but they will last longer.
Milan said…
Thanks Laquita! Girl, I'm too lazy to do the mini box braids. LMAO. I may try them when my hair is longer though.
svrbrownsuga said…
I think ur twist look amazing! very chic gurlie :D
Milan said…
Thank you. I sure feel very chic gurlie w/ them!