Mist Makin Machine: More Moisturizing Mist Recipes

Having fun making your own moisturizing mists yet? Try this one out and you just might like the results:

- Water
- Aloe vera juice
- Honeyquat or glycerin
- Olicoco oil (blend of olive and coconut oil)

You'll want to play with your amounts till you get results you like. I make sure my mists contain a majority of water and small amts of the glycerin (or honeyquat) and oil/s.

I learned that using "Olicoco" (olive oil and coconut oil) oil is a moisturizing oil combo force to be reckoned with! They are moisturizing oils.

(When I'm saying an oil is "moisturizing", that means that the oil is able to penetrate the hair shaft. Most oils cannot penetrate and therefore just lubricate aka "seal the moisture in" the hair shaft, which is very important too. I put moisturizing in quotation marks b/c, I do not feel that water can be or should be substituted with these "moisturizing" oils. Water is the ultimate moisturizer and always needs to be in the mix.)

I'm diggin this mix at the moment:

* Water
* Glycerin (I only use a cap full) or honeyquat
* Jojoba oil (once again, I only use a lil bit- you can easily make your mists too oily)

I had already thought to try this with jojoba oil but Jc over at The Natural Haven wrote an article about jojoba oil and that sealed, pun intended, the deal for me to make this mist and see what my results were.

I really like it. It's simple: only 3 ingredients. Most importantly, it works. My hair stays incredibly moisturized for long periods of time. Many times I can get away with misting it on every other day.

Try both and see which one you like best! Take turns using both. Or use all 3 oils (oil blend) in your mist.

I'm thinking the next mist I will create will go something like this:

* Water
* Aloe vera juice
* Glycerin
* blend of Olicoco and Jojoba oil- so I get the moisture (olicoco) and sealing (jojoba) action in 1!

I luv being a mixtress. You get to have what YOU want in your products.

Explore and enjoy!


Amil said…
Hey Milan, it's Amil from K.I.S.S. I had to find your blog because I still want to follow your hair growth. Your definitely an inspiration. I have been BANNED from the K.I.S.S. site. So if you see my page not being updated, this is the reason why, it's not because I no longer want to be there, giving advice, inspiring and being inspired by other women. Please check out the reason why I was banned here:

yours truly said…
wow, i need to try this! been trying to revamp my aloe/glycerin spritz (worked great in the beginning but I wanna improve it) to get a better moisturizer and this sounds like a really nice combo.
Amil said…
Hey Milan, it's Amil formerly of K.I.S.S. I was BANNED from the site for a blog that I wrote. I still want to stay posted on your hair progress as we are both around the same time in our natural hair journey's and you inspire me so much. You can check my blog to read my post on why I was banned from the site. I also added you on twitter-my user name on there is tiffanicooper (my gov. name lol!).
Makeup Theory said…
I don't do any water in mine. I do a base of pure aloe vera juice (dark bottles, fridge stored only) and honequat. I've tried vegetable glycerin several times and it does weird things to my hair. Olive oil makes my hair shrink and harden until it's an unmanageable mess. But coconut oil is a nice addition for sheen if I don't use much. Oils seem to really destroy my styles. I just puff up and lose all of my curl pattern.

I can't wait until my hair is longer so I can twists it and then put in a ponytail. Spritzing will be a breeze.