Wash n Go

Just thought I'd post this real fast. In this pic, my wash n go was about 4 days old and going strong. It lasted fabulously for 7 days till I washed again!

A brief run down of how I achieved this:

* Co-washed (Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner)
* Distributed a lil of co-wash conditioner (as a leave-in) and coconut oil throughout hair
* Employed "Rake & Smooth" technique, using Eco-Stlyer styling gel on sections of hair
* Let air dry
* Once 80-90% dry, fluffed and styled (pik'd for extra volume) as I liked


Jc said…
Your curls are too cute!
Anonymous said…
your hair is growing fast! very cute chica!
Milan said…
Thank you ladies. :o)
Anonymous said…
Huh? said…
We have the same hair length and almost the same hair type. What do you do at night? Did you twist or coil it on day one?