Flower in Her Hair

I made this hair candy myself and couldn't luv it any more than I already do! I have tons more to create b/c the ideas keep poppin into my head.

They're such a fun way to jazz up any length hair, long, short, straight, wavy, twa, you name it!

Are you a crafty sucker? Check out my creative blog if you want the scoop on how I made this and more pics.

Not a crafty sucker? You can purchase them from my Etsy shop.

There's only a few items up now but there is more to come. Stay tuned beauties.


Amil said…
This style is so cute and creative!
Makeup Theory said…
Oh, check you out - getting all crafty on us. LOL How have you been, girl? I'm going through some crazy family stuff right now so I've been a little bit MIA, but I think of you.
Milan said…
Thanks ladies!

Makeup Theory: Awww, you think of me! LOL. I here ya tho. I'm going thru some things with my fam too, it's why I haven't been posting or commenting on other's blogs like I normally do.
Max Gibson said…
I must say, I have really been enjoying your blog. You do a great job of combining interesting and engaging topics. You're insight is also very unique and genuine which makes your blog really fun to read.

You have a wonderful design that also helps to relate the overall essence of the blog.

Keep up the great work, you are truly an inspiration.

Max Gibson
Milan said…
Awww thanks Max! I appreciate your kind words!