Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara

Straight from the Physician's Formula website:

- Revolutionary 100% Natural Origin formula contains the purest ingredients and provides 5x Lash Boosting for lash length, volume & definition naturally.

- 100% Recyclable Eco-Brush defines each lash with ultra-soft plastic bristles.

- 100% Free of Harsh Chemicals, Synthetic Preservatives, Parabens, Clumping, Smudging, Flaking, Fibers & Dyes.

Sounds pretty good right?

I’ve been practically dying to try out this mascara since I read about in the April issue of InStyle magazine. Kerri Russell, one of my stylista favs, was raving about it. That sista’s make up stays on point so I really took her opinion on it into consideration.

Credible it was. This mascara is the bizness. I’m a user for life! It doesn’t clump and my lashes aren’t crunchy and hard. NO CRUNCHY LASHES! My lashes stay soft to the touch but they still POP. It just looks like my lashes are naturally dark and long. I’m luvin it like you wouldn’t believe.

You should be able to find it at any of your local drug stores, Wal-Marts, K-Marts, etc. I purchased it for about $11 at K-Mart.


Makeup Theory said…
Really? Really? For real? Cause every natural mascara I've tried melted down and left raccoon eyes. Mostly because they can't put the binders and chemicals in them that keep them from smearing.

I'd love to try a natural one that really works. My concern is if it's sold at KMart, how natural is it seriously. I have to check this out. I may post a blog post, too because I've told my readers there's no such thing as a good natural mascara. Thanks for the post.
Milan said…
I luuuuuuuv this mascara! No smearing/raccoon eyes. You should def try it for yourself. I can't say enough how much that I luv it. I hope you will like it as much as I do.
This mascara is so cool and retain whole day... Thanks for telling...