Kalawentz Jojoba Oil Review

This is just a short review on Kalawentz Jojoba Oil.

I really like this stuff. It's light and really does seal the moisture in my hair. Right now all I use it for is smooth it down each (mini) twist before I take them down for a twist out. My hair comes out with incredible shine/sheen.

It's light and comes in a solid form but melts upon contact to your skin/fingers so it's not messy like oils can be. It has the consistency of hair grease so it's way easy to spread.

It also smells really good. It smells like oranges. LOL. Well, I like the way it smells anyway. And we all know that men luv women who's hair smells good. Hahaha.

What I also luv about this product is that it is all natural.

The ingredients: Jojoba oil, aloe vera, wheat germ oil, vitamins A; E; and B-5, hydrolized protein, cystine keratin, and other natural ingredients in a natural base

The last thing that I luv is that it is not expensive: $6 for a 4oz jar (a little goes a long way with this stuff so it will last for a while) made by a BLACK OWNED BUSINESS. Awesome-ness. I make a lot of stuff these days but I've made the decision to work to seek out black owned businesses more in more of the things I buy.

And it's paying off. We make some bomb stuff!

Stay naturally fly!


Cincinnati Diva said…
I live in Cincinnati, which is where Kalawentz products are made. I love all of their products, because they smell good and actually work!
Milan said…
I couldn't agree more!