Kiehl's Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer Review

So I was in Saks a couple weeks ago with one of my girls and stopped by the Kiehl's counter. I'm on the hunt for a new tinted moisturizer since MAC no longer makes theirs anymore. I was so heartbroken about this too b/c that was my joint right there!

I know Kiehl's works to incorporate lots of natural ingredients in their products and it has an spf of 15 so I got a sample of their tinted moisturizer in Dark. (They come in 3 shades: Light, Medium, and Dark) So on a freshly washed face, I dabbed it on all over my face and worked it in.......

*sings "oh Casper! The friendly ghost!"*

It looks like I have mask on.... This is so not the bizness....

To all my brown skin beauties, this is NOT the one for us.

It felt good on my skin and went on smooth and light, no pun intended. I liked those things about it very much. It just isn't dark enough.

So I DO feel that it is a good product, it's just not a good look for us chocolate sistas.

Kiehl's if you're reading, please add another shade like deep dark or something like that. The chocolate sistas wanna be able to use this product too!


Da Jadedpoet said…
This would be why I had to drop spf moisturizers. My face looked ashy yet greasy with certain ones LOL. Never tried the tinted deals but they never make anything dark enough for "us" LOL
Milan said…
Yeah this one was soooo not the bizness! My new luv is MAC Tinted Moisturizers. They're great and I don't look like a ghost. LOL.