L'Oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base Review

I've been meaning to do this review for a while but am just getting around to it. My life outside of the blogosphere is getting more active than usual! I'm not complaining of course, I'm just sayin.

Onto the review....

I saw this in the drugstore a while back. It was $8 and I decided to give it a try thinking it might be a cheaper alternative to my Too Faced Shadow Insurance when I didn't feel like paying $17.

So I got it. I had faith in it b/c I've always had great experiences with other L'Oreal products......

I detested this stuff. It did absolutely nothing for me and some others agree. It creased, 3 hrs or less into wearing it, like you wouldn't believe and acted as a horrible base. It didn't keep my eye shadow fresh and vibrant. My eye shadow did not last all day like it does with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance (or Urban Decay Primer Potion).

I wish I had pics but I was too disgusted to take any and after trying it out 2 times, I threw that mess out.

I was really disappointed. I even tried to wear it alone once just to neutralize my lids b/c mine are naturally dark but it just looked weird and cakey on.

The moral, of my story, sometimes you get what you pay for. So when it comes to certain products, it's best not to try to skimp; get the good stuff.


Da Jadedpoet said…
Trust me I feel you there, in the rare event I wear eyeshadow I hate how it after a few hours in gets all mucky into my skin and my lids just look darker. I used fashion fair's baby breath so I'm assuming I probably had to use something else underneath besides the concealer. I even get mad at my eyebrow pencil from rimmell because after a while it just looks off and like it could just run off of my face...could be my oily skin or skin care product but I hate that! :-(