Mixtress Chronicles: Latest Whipped Shea Butter Mix

Equals a shea frosting now.

Your mixtress has been at it again.

O.M.G. I have seriously found the holy grail recipe for my whipped shea butter mix. It's fab.U. LOUS! Looka here!

- 16oz unrefined shea butter
- 1 Cup fixed oils: 1/3 Olive oil, 1/3 Coconut oil, 1/3 Sweet almond oil
- 1/3-1/2 Cup Aloe vera gel
- 1-2 Tsp Honey

My skin feels like the isssssshhhhhhhh. My whipped shea butter mixes always make my skin soft but this mix has been the softest by far. I'm luvin it.

This shea frosting also works great on my hair too!


Anonymous said…
sounds great!
I'm definitely stealing this recipe!

:D :D The shea butter spreads so badly on my skin, I think the oils will really help
Laquita said…
That sounds good - I have almost all of the ingredients too - as soon as I order more Aloe I'm trying it :o)

BTW: I'm lovin' my bookmark ;o)
Amina said…
girl, this looks soooo yummy!!
Can you post the picture of its texture?
Lady Kinnks said…
This is great! Now how did you get it whipped? Hand-mix or did you put it in actual blender?
Milan said…
Laquita: I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have been! Glad you like your bookmark!

Amina: I can post a pic of the texture of it. I'll try to get one up next week.

Lady Kinnks: I used a hand mixer a whip mine.
girl, I make a mixture of coconut oil and shea butter, its the only moisturizer I use on my skin..good for my hair too...
mixing your own product is always better than store bought!
this recipe sounds great!
Anonymous said…
nice recipe! I made some whipped shea butter for my hair a couple of months ago after scouring for recipes...I wish I had seen yours...I like honey and would have added some if I knew it would come out well.