My Most Current Regimen

As I continue along my journey, my regimen keeps evolving. For the most part, it keeps getting simplified.

So here it is.


* Condition and wash once a week
* Henna gloss every other week
* Air dry 99.9% of the time
* Moisturize daily or as needed

Hairstyles I Rock:

- Twists
- Wash n Gos
- Twist Outs
(- Braid Outs)

This is it. Don't you luv the simplicity of it?

Is yours this simple? What do you do to your hair. I'd luv to know!


Kinky Rhonnie said…
Hey there, Our regimens are quite similar.

Except, I do a deep conditioning treatment 3/4 times per month, do a full henna treatment once a month and air dry 100% of the time.

As far as hairstyles, we are 100% alike.

If i could cornrow and flat twist, I'd be dangerous.
Milan said…
"If i could cornrow and flat twist, I'd be dangerous."

Grl, me too! Thanks for sharing your regimen.
Unknown said…
I cowash weekly and put in small twists. those last for a week and I try to do a wash without disrupting them at the beginning of the next week right before I take them down. I rock the twist out for about a week...depends. if its less, then I wash and wear wash'n'go until the weekend when I put the twists back in. before each twists I get in a deep conditioner. I moisturize as necessary during the week...I also like to run water over the twists because I workout daily and my scalp then gets dirtier faster.
Milan said…
Gira, your reggie sounds simple and fab too. I need to get back to wearing twists more frequently lately. I'm luvin wearing my hair out. LOL.
pulchri2dinous said…
I've been cowashing (or at least wetting) my hair every other day and deep conditioning once or twice a week. I really need to get someone to twist my hair (I'm getting lazy) or put in some braid extensions! I need a break! lol By the way, your hair is progressing beautifully!
Milan said…
I feel you on needing a break pulchri2dinous. I've been rockin wash n go's a lot lately b/c I'm too lazy to do the twists! LOL. I need to get back to them though. Maybe I'll do them Sunday night.