On the Wishlist: Korres Vitamin E Face Primer

I've been on the search for a more natural/eco-friendly face primer. I have oily skin and get extra shiny in the warm months. LOL.

My good friend Kinya was raving to me the other day about this face primer she got that helps control some of her shine (= less blotting throughout the day!) and is made of mostly natural ingredients.

I read the ingredients: 99% natural product and was pretty impressed.

You can get it at Sephora. (A l.1 oz tube will run you $28. They have a smaller size available for $10) and if you live in NYC like I do, you can traipse on down to their shop in Soho or in Brooklyn:

110 Wooster St.
Btwn Prince and Spring
Soho, NY

140 Montague St.
Brooklyn, NY

The only thing I'm kinda bummed about is that it doesn't have any spf.

So, I might look for a natural tinted moisturizer that has spf instead. We'll see.
When/if I get it, a review will be forthcoming! Any of you used this primer before? I'd luv to hear your thoughts.

Stay beautiful.


Eli Ankutse said…
Korres are renown for the quality of their natural products. For a tinted moituriser, try the Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted moisturiser SPF 30. They come in different colours too. I trust this helps.
Candice said…
Hmmmm.....I think I really want to try this.I have oily skin too and I think it would really help me out.
Makeup Theory said…
I've never heard of it. I may have to check this out just for fun. I use a natural primer from Priia at the moment. And I like it a lot.

Hey, I'll be home (NYC) next week for a crazy makeup/styling job. 4 AM mornings. I am going to feel like a refried bean at the end of the week, but this job sets me up for several months. I can enjoy the rest of the summer without scrambling for work.

You wanna hang out one night if I can stay awake? Send me an email. I'm arriving on Sunday.
Milan said…
Makeup Theory: I'll have to check out Priia's. Is it good for oily skin too? I'm emailing you. I def want to hang out one night!

Eli Ankutse: Thanks for the recommendation. I'll def try it out!