Shampoo Bars

I might be getting on the shampoo bar wagon. Especially when it comes to traveling, they are a much neater option and easier to take on your carry on bag since it's a solid.

Anita Grant Organic Kelp + Ylang Ylang Babassu Shampoo Bar

And now that I wash my hair in the sink, they seem like an easier option than my castile soap mixture which is a liquid and creates a major mess since switching washes to the sink (LOL).

Afro Veda Carrot & Rice Bran Shampoo Bar

I've heard great things about shampoo bars made with all natural ingredients. They lather up well, don't contains any harmful ingredients or preservatives, and cleanse your hair without stripping it. Many users boast that some can double up as detangler as well.

Oyin Handmade Grand Poo Bar-Succulent Solid Shampoo

My only concern, do they cause build up over time?

Last summer I used an ayurvedic shampoo bar and at first I thought it was the shizz till 2 weeks later, my hair felt waxy and like it wasn't getting clean anymore. It became a nightmare and not only did I have to stop using it, I had to clarify a quite a few times after I discontinued use to get my hair back to how it was before I started using the bar. Sheesh!

I'm thinking though, since I do ACV rinses with every wash that I shouldn't have this problem? Guess there's only one way to find out for sure....

Have any of you used these bars before? If so, please share your results!


Amina said…
It's so funny because I've used all of the ones you
I looove poo bars. Actually since I started using poo bars I didn't go back to liquid shampoos. They are soo convenient!!!
AG poo bar is amaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!

Afroveda was okay. I prefer Anita Grant, Karen's Body Beautiful and Chagrin Valley poo bars. I wished you posted this sooner b/c I just gave away 2 afroveda bars to 2 friends...aaw...

I don't think they cause build-up. It takes a while to get used to them and it might leave a filmy residue if you have hard water. I just bought a showerfilter..other than than, I do ACV once in a while but poo bars are my bff
I don't do anything to my hair like that but ANYTHING with butters in it or creamy things that put a kind of coating on your hair will suck and build up.

(btw.. any reason why you do comment mods AND word verification? Pretty please pick one or the other.. thanks!)
Milan said…
Amina: booo! I coulda tried out the bar! LOL. oh well. Thanks for your input. I was thinking the Anita Grant bar looked uber good.

FabulouslyBroke: I will try to go back to just one. I had people and some were probably "robots" or whatever leaving some really bizarre and sometimes, mean things. I got tired of dealing with this so I implemented "maximum measures" to check that stuff @ the gate.
svrbrownsuga said…
Sweet!!! Girl I am planing to purchase some shampoo bars!! I am looking at purchasing afroveda products as well! nice post!