Tiny & Toya: Are We Feelin It?

I'm on the fence about this show. I watch it mainly out of intrigue. If Royal Pains came on Tuesday night @ 10 instead, I probably wouldn't watch this.

As of right now, I don't find it that entertaining. It doesn't need drama to be entertaining, well maybe a LIL, but it just doesn't have that, that UMPH. I don't know. It's missing something.

BET hypes the show up as these are empowered women, yadda yadda.... Ehh.. I'll have to watch more episodes before I come to that conclusion... I mean, we all know the reason many are watching the show and I guess for them the depth doesn't matter. I know, it's T.I.'s boo who was also a member of (one of my fav girl groups) Exscape and Lil Wayne's ex wife after all.

Ok, well there is some depth: Tiny's father has Alzheimer's and it's tough on her and her family. And Toya's mother is a drug addict. Ok, ok. There's some but the show is still one level away from being boring still. If you're going to tell a story, tell a story!

That's my opinion for now. There's room for it to change though. What do you think? More BET garbage or something decent?


Steph B-More said…
I think it's decent so far. It's not bad, it's not good. but it's decent. TI is crazy tho, he's very possessive of Tiny. But she was rich before he met her and she had a grammy before he dropped his first album. Toya...she is random. Maybe she will step it up.
Anonymous said…
I tried, I really tried to watch this show but Tiny's voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me
Unknown said…
I refuse to watch...:) but I do love me some Royal Pains!
Chardae said…
I agree with you, I'm tryna watch it but it just doesn't have the umph. It's not giving me a reason to watch just yet.