What Oils I Use for My Hair

I was looking at some of my old posts from last year and decided to update this one when I came across it because there have been some changes to what oils I use frequently. The oils I use now are :

Grapeseed Oil:
My hair loves light, non-greasy oils and this one is like the "love of my life". It's chock full of great anti-oxidants that are great for the skin and hair. This oil also resists heat up to 425 degrees F so it could serve as natural heat protectant for the hair. I don't blow dry my hair very often but the last time I did, I tried this and my hair was very soft and didn't feel as dried out as it normally can when blow drying. I also oil cleanse with it and my skin has never felt better.

Coconut Oil:
This is still one of my favorite conditioners for my hair. I like to mix it with a little honey for moisture and added sheen (my hair has high sheen as opposed to shine). It's also a light oil that my hair readily absorbs and it ups my hair's natural sheen. I'll use it on my hair to seal, give it sheen boost or before I wash it to prevent hydral fatigue. To the latter, that; in short, means it prevents your hair from absorbing too much water (too much water absorption can weaken your hair and lead to breaking.). I luv it on my face and skin as well.

Avocado and/or Sweet Almond Oil:
I don't replenish these oils as often as the grapeseed and coconut oils but I still really like them. Both are light so they don't weigh my hair down and my hair absorbs them. Are you noticing a trend with my hair? Lol. Light oils are the way to go for me. It took me lots of experimentation and observations to come to this conclusion and my hair has done well because of it.

Castor Oil:
Yes, this oil is still on the roster. It's a thick one so I tend not to go to it in the warm months like now. I use it a lot in the cold months for it's awesome moisture locking and humectant characteristics. Because it's so thick, I like to mix it with any of the oils listed above to thin it out and then add some aloe vera gel for conditioning-this is my other favorite conditioner.

Originally Posted: July 13th, 2009

Luuuuv oils. They have done amazing things for my hair and body. I have finally finalized the oils that I use for my hair and how I use them:

~ Jojoba Oil:

My sealing oil of choice! It has the closest make up to the oil our scalp naturally produces so it is excellent at holding in moisture for your hair.

I use it in a mist of mine (water, a lil glycerin, & jojoba oil) and my hair stays moisturized for a long time. A lot of times I can get away with moisturizing every other day. If I'm slicking my hair back for a puff, I'll mix a lil with whatever gel I'm using as well.

~ Olicoco Oil:

This is a combo of olive and coconut oil. Both are moisturizing on their own (when I'm saying moisturizing, meaning that they are able to penetrate the hair shaft. They should NOT be substituted for water for moisturize though.) but when they are used together they pack a moisturizing blow. I luv to DC with them, add them to my henna gloss or add them to any of my DC concoctions.

~ Castor Oil:

Don't really use in the warm months but in the cold months, I'm all over it. I like to seal with it when airdrying. When used with Jojoba oil, I'm always left with super soft, hydrated hair.

Check The Natural Haven though. Jc is over there doing her THANG. She provides break downs of ingredients we know and love in hair products. She also gives the break down on different oils and their properties that make them excellent for our hair.

It's because of her site that I have a method to my oils for my hair madness; I have finally found what works the best for me.


...ALLmEYEne... said…
I'll definitley have to look into the oils...after bc-ing my hair is extremely dry. I just tried some olive oil last night and my hair is doing much better than before...but i'm still learning.
Da Jadedpoet said…
I love JC's blog too, I am all over coconut oil and certain other's now because of it LOL