Accessorize with Nappy Rutz

I stumbled across this dope fotki page and not only saw how beautiful her, Cherie's, hair is but what beautiful, handcrafted earrings made of materials like leather, suede and wood. She also creates nappy inspired tops and tanks.

Her website, Nappy, is in the works right now and will be up and running soon! For more updates on Nappy Rutz just frequent her fotki album.

Now let's get to the good stuff: her awesome work!

Did that wet your appetite? I know it did. Again check out the fotki to see what all she has to offer. Support this woman b/c her work is beautiful and she is one of US! Customer service is EXTRAORDINARY; it was a joy doing business with you, Cherie!

I placed an order and when I get my things, I'll be sure to showcase them on here. You know how I luv my accessories.

Stay beautiful.


rocketgurl said…
Oh, I just big puffy heart Cherie and her Nappy Rutz business!! She's very creative and talented. A real inspiration!! It makes me feel good to support young women like her on the move. I have several pairs of her earrings..and a couple tees. :-) My guilty pleasure after my big chop!!! I'm running to her site now to check for any new designs!
Makeup Theory said…
Hey Milan,

Wanted to pop by and thank you for your compliment on my purple post. I've seen you in purple. You rock it, too! Hugs, girl.
Milan said…
Awwww thanks Todra! Purple power! LOL.