AGCM "Luh" the Transitioners

So, lately, a lot of transitioning ladies have been reaching out to me and I luv it! The more the merrier!

I'm so thankful for all the resources out there or I may have never went natural let alone transitioned successfully. So many ladies inspired and helped me out through sharing their transitioning journeys and regimens, advice and suggestions.

One of the main things, a lot of transitioners face (and I did too) is what to do with your hair! Your marvelous natural hair is growing in and now you've gotta babysit 2 hair textures. It can get frustrating figuring out how to style it before you BC.

Below are pics I took during my transition. All of these styles were low maintenance and really easy to do. I hope that they will help any of you ladies on your journey to natural. How to: click on the pics to move on to the next pic. If you scroll to the upper right hand side of the pic, you'll see an arror/side ways triange. Click on that and it will give more details on the hairstyle.


If I can be of any help, hit me up. You know how to get at me. ;o) Also, check out my other posts dedicated to transitioning. They are under the label "Hair Care: Transitioning".

Stay naturally fly!