Check Out my Fro Hawk

This is the very first time I'm trying this style.

My flat twist out is 4 days old and was getting a lil frizzy in the front, so I figured why not pin the sides up for a fro hawk.

I did it the super duper easy way: lightly brushed and pinned up the sides. I didn't put anything on my hair b/c I didn't feel like it but if I did I could have used some (aloe vera) gel mixed with a lil olicoco oil or a moisturizing cream. On the left side, I only used one bobby pin. On the right side, I used my flower hair clip.

More pics can be seen in my fotki


Jhavia Nicole said…
It looks really cute! I have only successfully styled my hair like this once or twice. I can't seem to get it right sometimes! But this is one look that's really simple and can be dressed up or down. And the flower adds unique flair to it.

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