Flat Twist Out

Did my first flat twist out today. I conditioned and washed my hair last night and then put my hair into about 10 flat twists. I twisted with my shea frosting on each section and tied my hair down with a satin scarf.

I took them down this morning (they were completely dry) and fluffed till I got my desired appearance. So easy and looks alright for my first time flat twisting. I still need a lot of practice though.

So flat twist outs have been added to my style arsenal. They come in second after braid outs!

****8-25-09 EDIT: Here's the vid that I watched to learn how to flat twist

Luv Curly Chronicles vids. Her channel among other I listed is in the Kurly Girl Directory. Just go the Kurly Directory label to see all the info my Kurly Directory has.

Next to try: the Curly Fro (technique)


Da Jadedpoet said…
It looks good! I can't flat twist and wind up two strand twisting mine for my twist outs.
Laquita said…
It looks great - I really have to try a flat-twist twist-out - maybe I will try this tonight :o)
Jhavia Nicole said…
This is how I usually do my twist puts. My mom used to do flat twists in my hair even when I had an evil perm, and I discovered I could do them too. It's my preferred method, and I can't braid so it works for me!
Sunshine Abuwi said…
I like this alot! Looks really great on you!