MAC Pigment Samples

Make up lovers, I'm all late. I just found a site where you can get MAC pigment samples for cheap!

You can get 5 gram jars for under $2 each! Why o why didn't I know about this place sooner?!

Check it out @ The Body Needs.

So any of you that want to try any of the pigments out, this is the perfect way without emptying your wallet.

Which pigments are on my list:

Copper Sparkle
Copper Beam
Golden Lemon

"Sooo lovely, wouldn't you agree?"


Unknown said…
Perrrrrrrrrrrrfect :)
Sheila said…
Oh boy, lol. I already do damage when it comes to mac. Thanks for the site!!!!
Milan said…
Sheila: you and me both!

Anytime ladies!
Savannah said…
Thanks for getting the word out! I love being able to try before I committ.
Anonymous said…
Whats the difference between pigment and eyeshadow?