My First Braid Out

Can you believe up until now, that I hadn't done one on my hair?

Why did I wait so long!

Ok so here's the scoop on what I did:

Sunday night...

* Moistened hair with water (use a spray bottle to do so)
* Divided my hair into 10 sections, applied coconut oil to each section and then loosely braided it
* Put on a plastic cap and left on for 10-15 mins
* Took down and detangled one braid at a time with my fingers first, then went back with my detangling comb and rebraided once detangled
* Hopped in the shower and cleansed my hair (it's still in the 10 loose braids) with my castile soap mix and rinsed

* Took a braid down, split it in half, applied a lil of my homemade leave in and braid. So for each braid I would take down, I would end up with 2 braids so I went from the original 10 braids to 20 braids for the braid out
* Tied scarf around my head and let air dry overnight

Monday morning...

* Took braids down and fluffed till desired look was achieved

-NOTE: I had my hair in 10 sections b/c it's not long enough for me to do less. I can do 8 but my crown area is so much shorter, it's easier for me to do 10 sections at this point. If your hair is longer, you can do less sections than I did

For more pics, check out my fotki.

It sounds like a lot but it really wasn't. I hope I explained it in a way that's understandable, if not, let me know. Now let's see if I can get this puppy to last me a week! Stay tuned....


Shawnystheone said…
Are you going to rebraid every night?
Sheila said…
I have yet to do a braid out either. Your looks great-love your fotki.
Milan said…
Thanks ladies. =o)

Shawnystheone: I don't plan to re-braid every night but we'll see as the week goes on I may have to to "refresh" it. Today marked day 2 and tonight all I'm doin is putting on a sleep cap and to bed I go!
Ouidad said…
Your hair looks great! So glad you ventured out and tried the braids! It was well worth the wait! Also, keep moisturizing and protecting your hair. The blog looks great and if you have time, check ours out for plenty of tricks and tips from the pros!
Linda for Ouidad
Milan said…
Wow! Thanks for stopping by Linda! I will def check out yours.
Ouidad said…
You're welcome! Keep up the great blogging!
Linda for Ouidad
Unknown said…
Heyhey! So it's been several months since this routine in your braid out. Has your routines changed since this time?
(I know, I'm forever asking questions!)
Milan said…
Hey girl! Lol, I don't mind you asking questions. The only thing now that has changed about my braid out routine is that I do less braids (I only do 10 now) and I (moisturize) and re-braid my hair every night. I'll prob reiterate this in a post as well.