Kurly Inspiration: Ishe

Hey ladies, I know that I've been scarce as of late. There's been a lot going on my way and on top of that my internet in my home is down. I have so much to fill you guys in on. Your patience is appreciated. Until I'm back to posting regularly, I'll probably be doing a lot of re-posts. 

Here's some inspiration below; especially for us in the Waist Length Hair Challenge. (Don't forget ladies: those who submitted pics, we have our first update/check in next month! Also, for those who keep asking, it's never too late to join, I'm just no longer accepting anymore pictures but you can still give your updates in the comments.)

Originally posted: 9/8/2009

Obviously, her hair is blown out in these pics but can we say, daaaaaaaaaaannnggggg! I don't know about you, but I'm so diggin this.

Not only is she a major stylista but a wonderful musical artist. Hey sound is like a modern funky, neo soul. I demand to know an album will drop!

Learn more about her on her MySpace page: www.myspace.com/ishemusic


Sheila said…
Inspiration indeed, love the blown out look!
Da Jadedpoet said…
I actually want to blow out my hair for the very first time now LOL I want the ponytail straight up, that's all I need in my life is to get that ponytail look. I'll live and sleep in it its never coming down. LOL