Kurly Inspirations: Longhairdontcare2011 and Sera2544

Longhairdontcare2011 is a 4a/4b

Sera 2544 is mainly 4b (she states)

She disabled embedding so I couldn't put the video up so you can check out her journey by clicking here

Now if this isn't inspiration, I don't know what is! Both started with TWAs and have been growing their hair for close to 6 years. Everyone has different growth rates but if you have patience and take care of your hair, it will show off and show out for you!

The main thing that both of them employed was minimal manipulation of their hair. So take good care of your hair but leave it be and it will grow and not break as much.


Jc said…
Wowzers!! Longhairdontcare has some serious hair! I am a youtube person so I'm shocked that I haven't seen her before. It makes me want to start growing my hair again. I had got to the point where I was bored of length/knots/detangling time and therefore started cutting it but maybe I might just start growing it back again.
Milan said…
Yea start growing your hair again! I think I want to grow my hair that long just b/c and then cut it. lol
Unknown said…
One small request (lol you know I'm always asking for more!): could you blog about hair types, please? I get mad confused as to what hair type I am and thus what products/hair tips/styles/etc can work with my hair.
Jhavia Nicole said…
I have seen both of their channels before, they both have gorgeous hair. I wish I had the patience to grow mine like that... But detangling just really isn't my idea of a good time!
svrbrownsuga said…
Gorgeous! I am a fan of both ladies too :D
Milan said…
Udee: You ARE always making requests! Hair typing can be confusing though. I did one post a while back on the LOIS classification system. You can search for it on here (using the search engine on here at the top). I'll work on another post for Andre Walker's system.

Jhavia Nicole: I knew you would say something like that b/c you want to loc it up anyway. Those detangling sessions are noooo joke though. lol

svrbrownsuga: Their hair is proof! Ours may grow slower but it CAN get long.