LHCF Cornrow Challenge Update #2

I washed my hair last week and re-did my braids. Ya girl IS getting a lil better. I did 9 braids this time and they came out a lot better than my first go round. They're still on the fuzzy side though. I'm thinking maybe I'm not braiding tight enough and/or small enough. So my next go round, I'll try to do a couple extra braids, braid a lil tighter and see if that helps any.

I plan to keep this set in for 2-3 weeks. I'm going to really shoot for 3 though and I'm going to try still washing my hair weekly with the braids in.

I do blow dry my hair so that I can stretch it and braid, which is another reason why I want to shoot for leaving these in for 3 weeks. I use my KBB Hair Milk as a leave in and blow dry on the low heat setting. Once I've completed it, I add a lil more of the hair milk to my hair and seal with an oil (this time I used jojoba oil).

***Veering off the current topic of discussion.... I will say though, that stretching my hair has greatly reduced the "fairy" knots (which I need to do a separate post on), hair that tangles on itself and forms knots, that show up in my hair.

My hair is growing into a stage in length where if I wear it in it's natural kurl pattern state in like a wash n go type style, it tangles on itself. So after July, I had to nix wash n go's and started employing styles that stretch my hair: braid outs mainly.***


Jc said…
Your cornrows are improving! I think that you shouldn't really do them smaller or tighter. Smaller cornrows can last longer but taking them out can become an issue. I think if you are intending to wash every week or so, the size that you are doing in this second run is good.

Well done!
Milan said…
Thanks for your suggestions Jc. I wasn't looking forward to braiding more than 9 cornrows anyway! LOL.
Moni said…
Congrats on the cornrows. You're definitely making progress. Have you tried banding for stretching out your hair without blow drying? If you band smaller sections and/or use more elastics you can get it pretty stretched out without heat. I soak my elastics in oil to make them slippery and prevent them from drying out my hair.
Milan said…
Wow Moni. Thanks for sharing that. I will have to give that a try! Yeah, b/c I really don't want to blow dry if I don't have to especially not frequently.