LHCF Cornrown Challenge

A couple days ago I joined LHCF's Cornrow Challenge created by one of the members. It lasts until Christmas.

I can't cornrow very well but I can french braid. I'm just going to do small french braids like you would do cornrows and wear wigs.

My schedule is:

- 3 weeks braided up wearing wigs
- 1 week off where I get to let my hair rest

I plan to still cleanse my hair weekly while in the braids. Since braids like this can have a tendency to make my scalp dry, I will lightly oil/"grease" my scalp nightly to prevent this.

***EDIT 9/5/09: I may keep my hair braided during the week and let it out on weekends for the 3 weeks "on". I'll have to play around to figure out what will work best for me.***

I will probably lightly "grease" it with my Kalawentz Jojoba Oil.

I plan to braid my hair up this coming Sunday night. Pics will follow.

If you're a member, join me!