Moisturize Your Situation

Here's a great vid by Nikkimae2003 sharing her suggestions on how to keep your hair moisturized in the upcoming cold months.

I employ this method too. There's a lot of different ways you can do this. Here are some variations I came up with:

1) Moisturizing mist/water, oil/s of choice, a hair cream

2) Moisturizing mist/water, a hair cream

3) Moisturizing mist/water, a hair butter

4) Moisturizing mist/water, oil/s of choice, hair butter

5) Moisturizing mist/water, hair milk, hair cream

6) Moisturizing mist/water, hair milk, hair butter

7) Hair milk, oil/s of choice

A moisturizing mist can be one you make or a liquid leave in like Infusium 23. Some prefer to just use water in a spray bottle. Hair milks are usually water based so you can bypass adding water directly to your hair. Most hair butters (unless you bought them pure), creams and milks have oils in them already so you can bypass adding oil to your hair.

Play with it till you find what works for you. Notice how it builds from lightest to heaviest in terms of the order they are applied to your hair.

I think I will do:

* MM- which will be water and honeyquat
* My shea frosting (or Afroveda Cocolatte Moisture Mask)

I like this method above best for when I airdry after conditioning and washin my hair.

For daily maintenance of my braid outs, flat twist outs, etc., I will probably do this though:

* a Hair Milk (which I'm thinking of mixing my own....)
* My oil medley- olive, coconut, jojoba, and castor oil

This is always subject to change. So I'm sharing what I feel like I will do.

How do you plan to moisturize you situation these upcoming cold months?


Candice said…
great post! I need to figure out the best way to moisturize my hair.
Milan said…
Glad you enjoyed the post! Yeah, I think it's a lot of trial n error when it comes to figuring out the best ways to moisturize your hair but you'll figure it out. Just play around with it till you get it right.