Simple Fall Look: "Gold" and Brown Eyes

Fall is all about using "warm" colors on face: golds, browns, burgundies, burnt oranges, etc. I plan to do more simple fall looks and maybe even some more tutorials (when I can find the time). This look is easy and gives you that fall glow.

* MAC Studio Moisture Tint tinted moisturizer in Deep Dark
* MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC50 for under my eyes
* "Set" with Priia HydraPrime Oil Control Face Primer

* NYX blush in Desert Rose

* Primed with Too Faced Shadow Insurance
* Lid: the green-gold color in the 120 color e/s palette
* Contour & Crease: Cover Girl Brown Smolder
* Highlight: MAC Warming Trend
* Milani retractable eye liner in Expresso
* Physician's Formula Organic Wear mascara in black

* L'Oreal HIP Color Presso l/g in Trendy

Product review of the 120 color e/s palette will be coming up.


...ALLmEYEne... said…
Looks really good. How do you like the L'Oreal HIP l/g? I keep wanting to try them but never do.
Milan said…
Thank you. I've always been a fan of L'Oreal l/g's. I really like these Color Presso ones and plan to get more. I should do a product review on them.
Anonymous said…
very pretty!
Unknown said…
love it! those are the colors/shades I generally prefer on myself and will wear whenever I "dress up" and actualy put on makeup. I'll have to look for the line you mentioned above. btw: I'm loving the hair! I'll have to see if I missed the post on it. :)
Unknown said…
For a second there, I thot the long curls was all you and I was about to scream like 'wait wait wait, I've been virtually watching your hair grow ... when did THIS happen?!?'
I need to stop!! But I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the look "steal" ;-)

And PS - I'm trying out your skin regimen of olicoco oil & aloe vera, only that I'm a huge fan of goat milk soap. Sooooo let's see if my skin likes it. So far so good tho
*small screams of joy*
Milan said…
LOL. I tricked you all, huh? That means it looks real! Hahaha. Steal away. It's nice to just let my hair rest some.

I hope you like the olicoco oil and aloe vera gel. It has truly done wonders for my skin!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful, I really need to try out the MAC Tinted Moisturizer, like tomorrow!