Tips for Twisting

Linda* wrote in and asked:

-"I ran across your site and love your twists. Do you twist your own hair and can you give me any tips. I can't afford right now to pay $65 a week. There has to be an easier way."

I hear ya girl. I'm straight on that $65 a week. Here are MY tips for twisting that have worked for me:

* Practice makes perfect-don't get discouraged if you don't like how they come out the first time

* You don't have to do perfect parts-I don't and they and my twist outs still look great

* You may not like them on the first day-I find that mine look better as the week goes on b/c they have "settled" more

* If you twist your hair wet, they will shrink up-If you want to show more of your length in the twists, do them on dry hair or hair that has been stretched via blow drying or banding

* There are tons of products that you can twist with. Many like using shea butter, various twisting gels and products on the market. In the past, I've used Afroveda PUR Whipped Hair Gelly and my shea frosting mix to twist with and have had good results with both. Trial and error will help you determine what product provides you with the best twists/twist outs.

* Moisturize your hair daily-You don't want them to dry out

* When I take my twists down for the twist out, I like to rub some coconut oil or Kalawentz Jojoba Oil onto each twist before taking them down. This helps to soften them and give my twist out some bling factor. ;)

That's all I can think of. If I come up with anything else, I'll be sure to add them. You know the drill, STAY NATURALLY FLY!