ATCM: Target Queen Jewelry

Well, I made the announcement about my newest weekly feature, Accessories That Can Mac and many of you answered the call. So minutes after the post went up, I got an email from Rachel (pictured here), the creator of Target Queen Jewelry.

Her accessories are off. The. HOOK! Everything is handcrafted by her. I bought a pair of the Makeba earrings from her and the shipping and customer service was nothing short of fabulous. FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING! It was a pleasure doing business with you Rachel and I will be doing more! I will post pics of the style I got soon. I can't wait to rock them out.

When I asked her about what her brand's philosophy is, she had this to say:

"I want women to break out of the mold and not be afraid to be different, my designs are for any woman that wants to stand out in the crowd and make a statement, life is too short to be a wallflower..."

Aint THAT the truth. I can dig it all the way.

Assata style $15

Please check out her fabulous wears at Go now! She has tons of great styles for sale and Rachel let me know that if you mention you saw her here on AGrlCanMac, you will get a discount. Sa-weet!

Nola style $25

Don't you wish she was selling these frame styles too? Lol. I know I do!

Interested in having your accessories featured? Shoot me an email at


umm yeah come get come get
thanks again Milan!
DeidraK said…
I could me rocking all of these. Let me go bookmark for when I have some cash.