ATCM: Versetle1

Uuuuuh how haute is that pic above!!!! It's a scarf (giraffe print) worn over a ribbed tank and then it was belted. How fly was this styling!?! I'm diggin it big time.

Candace of Versetle 1 answered the call for Accessories That Can Mac. She sells quality scarves that you can style into so many chic fashions. I'm still trippin over the fabulous styling of the top pic. How creative. I never thought to rock a scarf like that but watch me WORK it soon!

When I asked Candace about the philosophy of her brand and what kind of woman rocks her wears, she had this to say:

There is UNITY in DIVERSITY. No matter how diverse or different we are, we all have some thing that we love about ourselves, what unifies us is the freedom to express who we are with what we wear & making a statement with how we wear it.

Same goes for our natural hair ;) My target customer is a woman who is unafraid to switch it up with her look, beautiful, strong and doesn't care what anyone else has to say about her look, not cause she's conceited but because she's confident & happy with who she is

I know. That's. RIGHT! Well said!

Check out her Etsy shop at to see everything she's got. This is NOTHING. Go to the shop!
She also has a blog at

So show her some luv and buy something! LOL. J/k but kinda not. Hahaha. Again, they'll make great, original Xmas gifts.

Shoot me an email at to see if your goods will be the next Accessories That Can Mac featured.


Beth said…
Candace's scarves are fabulous!! Love what she says about confidence.
my little Aura said…
Nice post, I love all scarves!