It has become a part of my fall/winter care regimen this year. This is the first year I have ever practiced this method but it is doing right by my kinks n koils.

I learned the hard way that baggying overnight is a not a good look for me.

I kept getting the sniffles. Lol. Some are successful at doing it overnight but ya girl isn't one of them.

So now what I do is baggy sometime in the evening; it's usually not too long before bedtime.

* Lightly mist on my moisturizing mist: water, aloe vera juice, and jojoba oil notice I didn't say saturate or wet
* Put plastic cap on head and leave on for about 30 mins and then take plastic cap off
* Then put on my satin sleep cap right before bed

That's all she wrote. I must also add that when I, Milan, do it; my hair is in twists or braids. When I'm rocking a twist out b/c I don't re-twist every night after that, I don't baggy then.

I try to do this about 2-3 times a week. I've felt a difference and with it getting cold, my tresses need all the moisture they can get.

Do you baggy? If so, how do you baggy?


Jc said…
No baggying for me. I tried it a few times several years back and all I ended up with was soaking wet hair. I tried baggying the ends alone, using just conditioner and even oil on its own. Without fail, I would end up with wet hair. I think moisture and wet hair are two different things
Milan said…
Wow really? It never makes my hair wet just moist. I def think moisture and wet hair are two diff things as well.
DeidraK said…
I do and I use curl activator gel and either liquid mayonnaise or some other leave in. I do my whole head twisted up fat.My hair is usually juicy moist when I take off the bag. After a while the wetness leaves and I'm left with softness and moisture.
*LilBiuty* said…
I tried to bad but my hair would just end up all damp and get cotton-like. Not a pretty look.
But I'm ready to give it a try this winter for sure!!
Milan said…
Let me ask you some questions LilBiuty: what did you use to baggy with and how much did you use? Was your hair in braids or twists? How long did you leave it on?

I find on loose hair baggying is not the bizness and that how your hair will is feel really determined by what kind of product you use. You don't have to use a mist, you can use a hair lotion or something like that.

But then again everything doesn't work for everyone either.
Unknown said…
I'm honestly scared to try. I've read wonderful stories about it, but this is one of those practices i may just skip out on...