How I Wash My Hair

So I stated in the a previous post, I found a way to wash my hair using less water. Because not only is it more eco-chic to do so but I hated hopping in and out of the shower 50 million times.

So I have shared with you below how I condition, detangle, and wash my hair. And that is the exact order I do it in.

1. Moisten hair.

Notice I didn't say wet my hair; I don't want it soaking wet. I spritz plain ol water on my hair to moisten it. You can moisten it all over or in sections. I like to moisten it all over first and then moisten each section again.

2. Apply conditioner or whatever conditioning recipe I concoct (yay mixtresses!)

to a section of hair.

3. Detangle

with fingers first and then follow up with my shower comb.

4. Loosely braid section.

Sometimes I will twist the sections but they can come undone when I go to wash my hair so I almost always braid.

5. Repeat steps 1-4

for the rest of your head

I do about 6-7 loosely braided sections. If you have longer hair, you can do less sections like 4, if you like. I can't wait till I can just do 4!

6. Now all my hair is in loosely braided sections with conditioner or a conditioning mixture on it.

Leave conditioner/conditioning treatment on for about 10 to 15 minutes.

I don't use heat (but you can if you like); I just put on a conditiong cap and keep it movin.

7. With braids still in: hop in the shower, rinse, and

cleanse hair

I follow up with an ACV rinse and then I'm done.

8. From here, I

apply my leave ins and air dry my hair

in: twists (which I'll wear either overnight or for a few days to a week) for a twist out, or braids for a braid out.

(NOTE. Recently, I have been experimenting with detangling after I've conditioned and washed my hair. I kinda like it. So I might wait to detangle till the end. I dunno. We'll see.....)

I understand this method may not work for everyone but it works wonders for me. So if you're still figuring out your washing routine, try this one out and see if it fits your lifestyle. If I was unclear on something or you need more explanation, you know what to do: holla @ cha girl.

Stay Naturally Fly =)


ChiChi said…
Cleanse with shampoo or cleanse as in just rinsing out the conditioner?
Milan said…
Well, I do both. I rinse the conditioner out first and then I cleanse with my castile soap (mix) which is my substitute for shampoo.
Anonymous said…
Wow! This is the same as the regimen I just came up with recently. Grat minds think alike.