Kurly Inspiration: Zezi Ifore

Hubba hubba.....

Pure hotness. Fierceness. And whatever else-ness. You may remember this Nigerian beauty from when she and Kesh made up the Coconut Twins. They wore crazy fly outfits, dj'd all over the world, and partied like it was 1999. I know she also hosts/hosted a reality tv show in the UK, right? I can't remember the name of it. Help me out if you know it.

My hair aspires to some of this flyness when it grows up.

I'm diggin her style in this pic as well. I luv the colors and how everything was styled together. All that's missing are, you know me, some slammin earrings. ;) I would have taken off that chain necklace though and wrapped it around my wrist a few times to create a bracelet instead and added a chunky bangle bracelet or two to the mix.

Be inspired.


Unknown said…
FIYAH! that's definitely something to aspire to! :-)