Tam Glam

I spent yesterday in the City (that means Manhattan for all you non New Yorkers) chillin with my family, including strolling around the ever so crowded FAO Schwartz toy store on 5th Ave. It was cold and slightly windy out so it was the perfect day for a stylish tam.

My hair that was in the cap was in braids and I took two braids out in the front and fluffed them to get this look. My head and ears stayed warm while preserving my flyness. I need to get a tam in like every color imaginable. I luv these things.

Forever21 has them for cheap. I saw some the other day for about $4.50 so check them out. These can be found everywhere though: Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc.. Just shop around. I wouldn't pay more than $6 or $7 for a store bought one. That's just me. Only time I would pay more is if it were handcrafted from a brand like Beanie4MePlus for example.

Stay naturally fly


Makeup Theory said…
okay, rub it in that you're hanging out in my old home...and I'm not. *sigh* missing Manhattan so much right now. Have to take a trip up in a week or so to check out the tree and get some ice skating (falling!) in before the season is over. Cute hat, by the way.
Milan said…
Thanks. The whole time I've lived here, I've still never went ice skating. Too scared I'll fall. Lol. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!
Unknown said…
Love this look! Your hair is looking fab!!
yaddayadda said…
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