Thanksgiving Hair

So my style is a mix of sophistication and chic funk. Hence why I named my accessories line what I did. =)

It's a 3 day old braid out that I pinned up. It's basically a fro hawk and I just pinned up the back as well. I've seen many ladies cornrow or flat twist the sides and back into this hairstyle. I'm not that advanced in braiding and twisting at the moment (I've been practicing!) so this had to do for me. LOL.

I know you're diggin the earrings too. I made them 10 mins before I was out the door for dinner. These are prototypes for future earrings I plan to sell in my Etsy shop

Hope you enjoyed your Turkey Day, all the great food, your family and didn't get mauled by the Black Friday crazys today!


the hair and earrings are fab and fierce!
Amina said…
you look amazing!!!
I'd love to get those earrings :)
looking forward to the new addition to your lin
svrbrownsuga said…
cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! liking ur style like always hon! happy to give thanks.
ChiChi said…
Where did you get those earrings? I'm jocking! LOL
Milan said…
Thanks sewdope and svrbrownsuga. ChiChi you better be joking! Lol.
FABULOUS! Girl, I haven't been on ur site in a little while, but your hair has been BUSY. It's looking GREAT! So inspiring :)
Milan said…
Thanks BGLH! Me n my hair aren't playin around. Hahahah. Thanks for stoppin by. =)

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