Twists n Twist Outs Revelations

On the Twists tip:

I've tried twisting my hair when it's sopping wet, when it's been air dried and stretched, and just recently when it's damp.

And of all 3, I have to say that I like twisting my hair damp best.

Sopping wet can be well really wet n messy. Twisting on dry, stretched hair is nice b/c you get to see more of your length but the set just isn't as defined when you take them down to rock the twist out. In my opinion, twisting on damp hair best sets the hair for the twist out that follows.

I leave my twists in for anywhere from 4-7 days usually (but I recently learned a new technique to wash my hair in them without them unravelling so I plan to try this method and see if I can get a set to last 14 days/2 weeks!).

When it comes to Twist Outs.....

I no longer sleep with the satin bonnet on. Curses! Hear me out. I found that wearing the sleep cap was smushing my curls more than when I slept without one on. As long as I sleep on a satin pillow case, I'm straight.

Then all I do in the morning is simply fluff my hair, give it a lift with a hair pik if necessary, and I'm good to go. I rock my twist outs anywhere from 2-4 days and then the cycle starts over; wash, twist, twist out......

I'm thinking of creating an oil mist though to spray on my hair when I want a lil shine.


Anonymous said…
I have to second you on twisting on damp hair. I twisted on sopping wet hair last weekend and it was not fun at all.

Nice blog! I found it through NaturalSunshine.
Unknown said…
If you are still looking for a oil mist spray, u should try putting coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and water.