Yes, I Was In The Wendy Williams Show Audience Yesterday


I got a few messages from some of you like "Did I just see you on the Wendy Show?" Yeah, that was ya girl. It's funny that some of you really recognized me. You guys are good!


Nemesis said…
LOL...I normally don't watch WW, but I had it on while working...and I just happened to look up when the camera passed you...and I said "hey, I know that face"..
you look my earrings are famous!!
Unknown said…
and you're looking FAB as expected! ;) wish I knew since I was actually awake to watch but opted for another show...
Sunshine Abuwi said…
Hate to sound like a broken record, but you look AMAZING!!!

I want those earrings! I think I'm gonna order them.

Love your outfit. I'm gonna be stealing your cute looks!!

Milan said…
Thank you ladies! We had so much fun. Wendy is mad coo and even prettier in person.

Yes, Foxy not-so Brown, your earrings are famous! Everyone kept telling me how much they luv'd them. I need some of your business cards girl! Imma go to work for you! Lol.

Sunshine, get the earrings! I luv them. They're so fun and I know they would look fab on you. If you get them, make sure you mention you saw them on here and Rachel will give you a discount!
Da Jadedpoet said…
Too cute!! You look so adorable
I already ordered me some earrings LMAO!! I see you are going to make me into an earring junkee since my makeup selection will remain small lol

I just noticed the one I was about to pick up was the same one you wore. I'm sorry I can't copycat style like that, that's not my swagga! I'll wait a few months then pick it up hahaha.
Rocketgurl said…
LOL! OMG! I knew it was you!! I said to myself (and even rewound twice to be sure) "That looks like Milan! I wonder if that's really her. I should send her an email and ask!"

You looked very pretty, by the way!
Milan said…
Thanks Jaded and Rocketgurl.

Jadedpoet: You betta get those earrings girl! I don't care. Everyone wears them differently. That's the beauty of everyone not looking exactly alike (unless ur an identical twin of course haha). =) Go get them! Then send me a pic of how you wore yours. LOL.
GFS said… fun! How yor durin?!?!! LOL