AGCM Received the Honest Scrap Award

AGrlCanMac got nominated by Natural Chica for this award. Thanks for the nomination!

So as the rules go, I must share 10 honest things about me so here goes:

1) I have two sisters and am the middle child and the oldest child Figured out the riddle of how this could be? Lol.

2) I like to interpret dreams

3) I am fast falling in luv with photography and plan to take some classes to up my skill level

4) I very rarely have bad hair days and when I do, tams to the rescue!

5) I am working on own accessories line, Sofysticated Phunk, and you have seen some of my prototypes on here sprinkled through out my recent posts

6) Kissing frogs is getting old, where's the prince already!

7) Spring is my favorite time of the year

8) You already know that I love to sew and I am currently learning how to crochet

9) I am working to one day be able to make a living off of doing make up all day

10) I would have never, in my wildest dreams, imagined that AGrlCanMac would get this big, open many doors for me, and meet so many incredible people when I first created it summer 2008 out of sheer boredom :D

So now I must pass this award along to some blogs I feel worthy.

* Leave in the Kinks
* Coup de Cour
* Naturally Fabulous even though she also was a nominee from Natural Chica
* Naturally Flyy


Moni said…
1. One of your sisters is your half sister, so you are your father's oldest child, but the middle of your mother's children or vice versa (mother's oldest, middle for father).
Milan said…
Correct! You're pretty smart for BLUE (I didn't forget where you go/went to school.) head. Hahaha. It's vice versa: my mother's oldest and my father's 2nd
Moni said…
Lol, I'm still there! I graduate in May, so who knows where I'll be next... :)