ATCM: Trucks and Pearls Neck Warmer

Accessories That Can Mac: Add a neck warmer to your winter gear

For the cold months, I need one of these Trucks and Pearls hand knit neck warmers in my life.

I stumbled across their shop doing an Etsy search for knit neck warmers (I'm a lil tired of fussing with (pashmina) scarves; they look great but don't keep my neck all that warm in the coldest months) and this is one of the shops that immediately grabbed my eye.

When the Holidays are over, I think I will treat myself to one of these. =)


ella parry said…
you love knit neck warmers
Unknown said…
is it just me or does ole girl look a lil angry? i wouldve loved a lil smile, i love her style! lol
Candace said…
I was just checking these out the other day. I'm lovin' it just the same.
Amina said…
It looks soo comfy!!
Guess what? You won a 4 oz coconut confidence. Please email me your address so that I can send it to you
Milan said…
Udee, you crack me up but I agree, she coulda busted out a smile.

Amina, I will email you! Yay!
Trucks & Pearls said…
Thank you so much for featuring Trucks & Pearls on your lovely site =)
I appreciate the love and feeback (I agree she could've busted a smile for the camera :-)

Thanks again =)
Milan said…
It's my pleasure. The items and styles are fabulous! I will be treating myself to one very soon. Lol.