It's My 1ST Kurliversary!!!!

Today marks one year since I did my BC and became fully natural. =)

Oh what a journey it has been! I learned soooo much this first year and can't believe how wonderfully my hair has grown and how much it has showed off for me. I'm tellin you ladies, all you need is one year. After that, there's no limit to where you can go. So ye, I'm an advocate for the BC. What's 1 year? You blink and that goes by so just do it!

My success couldn't have been without all the great natural hair blogs, Fotki albums, YouTube channels, and hair forums/boards so thank you all! Many of you directly and indirectly helped me in immense ways that I can never possibly express all my gratitude for. I continue to learn from you all and you have aided in enhancing my life. =)

4 mos post BC: April '09 Mini Twists

I thank all you natural ladies before me that showed me that our hair is BEAUTIFUL and that we should be ever so proud to rock this hair that grows out of our head. Thank you for inspiring me and others too. And now I hope to inspire others with my journey.

8 mos post BC: August '09 Curly Fro

I look forward to seeing where Year 2 will take me and as always, welcome you all to join me. To infinity and beyond! Lol. I couldn't help myself. You all know I'm silly!

12 mos post BC: December '09 Braid Out

For more pics of my journey this first year, check out my fotki.


Unknown said…
Congrats!! I have about 9 more months before my 1 yr. mark, but I super excited about reaching it. Yours and other natural hair care blogs have been SO inspiring. I'll def keep on keeping on!! =)
Milan said…
Thank you and yes, keep looking ahead. You're one year will be hear before you know it!
Nika said…

Congrats lady
sewdope said…
congrats girl! you've been doing a fantastic job with your hair.
Amina said…
happy anniversary!!
you look amazing!!
Da Jadedpoet said…
Congrats girl i'm so late LOL
Anonymous said…