My Favorite Conditioner

My mainstay and favorite conditioner of all time is good ol (extra virgin) coconut oil. It nourishes my hair, gives it shine, smoothes the strands, and results in incredible softness. What more could you ask for in a conditioner?

I know you are thinking, you can condition with just coconut oil? Yes, in fact any oil of your choice can be a conditioner. Check out The Natural Haven's post on deep conditioning. It changed my hair's life and kept more money in my pocket.

How I Use It:

1) Mist a section of hair first with my moisturizing mist
2) Apply coconut oil to section
3) Braid section
4) Repeat on the rest of head. I usually end up with 6-8 sections when I'm done.
5) Put on a plastic conditioning cap and leave on for 15-30 mins
6) Rinse, continue with washing routine, and style as desired (usually a braid out these days for me)

Simple and delivers.

What's your favorite conditioner?


coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil my favorite, I plant to add avocado oil to the mix soon.
I leave it in while I do chores then shower out.
Da Jadedpoet said…
Hey girly have you found that you have to use a leave in after conditioning with coconut oil or was your hair just fine after rinsing it out and it fully dried. Just curious I may try this LOL
Milan said…
Hey Foxy: Avocado oil's great. It's a "moisturizing" oil as well. I used to use it a lot back in the day but I got cheap and don't use it anymore. Hahaha. I may revisit again soon though.

Hey Jaded: well as you know I condition my hair before I wash it. So after I've conditioned with the coconut oil, I wash my hair and then, yes, I use a leave in conditioner.