Natural Hue Naturally You Hair Summit 2010

My girl, Pamela, the creator and owner of Naturally Divine Co.; is one of the organizers of this event. You may remember, her Glam Chains kicked off my Accessories That Can Mac feature. If you are in the Miami area come out. If you are looking for a reason to go on a vacation, here's the perfect excuse! Click on the photo for more details. (The event is also on Facebook. Become a fan if you like for updates.)

It's sure to be a fabulous event. I may even try to get down there myself. Can you believe that I've never been to Miami in my 26 years of living?! Lord knows I could use a vacay. We'll see. Have a kurlicious weekend Kurlies. Less than a week till Christmas! :D


Chrissystina said…
I would LOVE to go! I have never been to Miami EVER, but I am so broke. Hopefully, if I work and pray hard enough, it will all work out.

I live in Salt Lake City now, so I hardly ever see another Natural around here.
Da Jadedpoet said…
Wow this sounds hot i've never been to miami either don't feel bad LOL. I may become a fan to see how hawt natural hair styles. ^_^
Candace said…
I AM SO THERE!!! I wanted to go to the last one that pretty dimples & blackonyx had in Tampa but it was too far. I'm in Fort Lauderdale so i'll be there rockin' my fro - hopefully by that time lol! Hope you get to vacay! Thanks for posting this.
Anonymous said…
It sounds great, and if you haven't been to Miami ladies...GOOOO!!!! Everyone is beautiful...literally lol! I am really itching for another reason to go to Miami. Sounds like a plan!

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