Product Review: Nubian Heritage Olive Butter and Green Tea Soap

I've been using this soap for about a month now and there's no turning back! I bought it at a local BSS before I learned they had a shop on Jamaica Ave (Jamaica Queens). (Now I get any of my Nubian Heritage products from the shop) This 100% natural and vegan soap is the bomb dot com. It's uber moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling so hydrated- not dried out like many soaps can, soft and smooth. It has great ingredients in it that are so conditioning for the skin including olive oil, avocado butter and shea butter. Green tea, another ingredient, is said to have wonderful anti-aging and antioxidant properties for the skin.

It's suggested to those with normal to dry skin. But I have oily skin and it works fab. I find that it actually cuts down on some of my oiliness. Sa-weet. Man, I am in bliss. My skin glows and has never felt so good. Who knew washing one's face could be so climactic?

I plan to try the other soaps they have available once I've used this one up.

Check out this soap and the other ones they have available at


jhavianicole said…
I love their black soap and Shea soap...they leave me feeling cleaner than any other soap I have used. Such a great product! I plan on getting a bar to use for washing my baby locs :)
Milan said…
I want to try the coconut and papaya soap next. I'll bet it smells yummy too! I thought about getting the black soap to use for washing my hair with.
Unknown said…
Ive seen these at my BSS too and was wondering about them! Thanks for the review:)
Milan said…
Hey Jamie, no problem! I luv to share what I like in hopes that it may help someone else out. =)