Stop! Feature Time!

So I've been keeping very busy this month like I had forecasted. This month I've been featured on 2 lovely, kurlicious blogs that I read and enjoy all the time.

Check me out and show these spots some luv if you don't know about them already!

My Natural Chica feature that went up today

My Leave in the Kinks feature that went up earlier this month

As always, I appreciate all your luv n support and am glad that many of you enjoy what AGrlCanMac is doing on here. Let's continue to keep the ball movin and do even more in 2010! :D


Anonymous said…
I LOOOVED your LITK interview! I read it earlier this month and I loved everything you said! I'm gonna check your most recent feature on this other blog! Your beutiful with great style and I enjoy your blog -)
Milan said…
Why thank you for all your kind comments miss! I'm glad that you enjoyed the LITK interview and the blog. :D