Accessories That Can Mac: Sofysticated Phunk Accessories

I finally got the line together and am ready to rock and roll! So this week's feature is yours truly's accessories line, Sofysticated Phunk. I'm working on my own website but for now, you can find my goodies at my etsy shop.

I design fun, print fabric earrings. I love that I can make them big without them being heavy. The type of woman who rocks my goods likes to mix the sofysticated with the phunk. She may enjoy wine tasting and Broadway but she also enjoys dancing it up at a sweaty salsa club and shopping at flea markets for rare and unique finds. She laments in letting her originality and diverse tastes shine.

My brand's philosophy is simply, "Let your originality shine." Put your spin on a style, trend, item of clothing, or in this case; an accessory so that it says something about you and who you are.

My designs are one of kind and most designs cannot be replicated. This means, no one pair of earrings will ever be the exact same, unless stated otherwise. So if you like collecting pieces that no one else has the chance of having the exact same as you, Sofysticated Phunk is the brand for you!

To see more styles I have available, please visit


Ardourliene said…
These are so cool!!! Beautiful. I heart the design concept. unique n originality.
Unknown said…
Wow...LOVE 'em! I'm definitely buying a few!
Jc said…
Great collection. I wish you success!
Milan said…
Thanks everyone! I appreciate you sharing such positivity with me. :D
Ms. S said…
These are very nice! Have you consider making non-pierced earrings as well? If so... I would definitely be a customer!
Milan said…
Hey Ms. S I never thought of that but I'm glad that you mentioned it. I will look into creating some. :D

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