The Bucket List

Everyone has heard the term Bucket List, right? Well if you haven't, it's a term that means a list of things you want to do in your life before you kick the bucket (aka die). I drafted one up years ago but haven't looked at it since I drafted it up. Bad, bad, I know! I've decided to draft a new one, update it and maintain it. While I'm not archaic, the older I get the more aware I am of my mortality. There's no time like to present to start living life on earth more passionately.

Milan's Bucket List

* Get out of and stay out of credit card debt (by the end of 2011)

* Become a wife in a healthy marriage (1st)

* (THEN) Become a mother to healthy children

* Visit a country in Africa

* Visit Rio di Janero, Brazil

* Visit Miami

* Visit Milan, Italy

* Visit Tokyo

* Have my own scholarship fund for black, fashion related majors students

* Become a millionaire next door

* Visit Hawaii

* Learn how to knit (12/10: working on this right now!)

* Take an African dance class

* Meet the Double Stitch Twins

* Cook as good as my grandma :)

* Teach at least one arts and crafts class

* Become a yoga instructor

* Write a $10,000 check to a charity I feel strongly about

* Try Korean food

* Ice skating at Bryant Park

* Visit the Statue of Liberty

* Do a diabetes walk (Diabetes run rampant in my family)

* Become a skilled photographer (just for a hobby)

Things I've Already Done:

- Visited London
- Visited Paris
- Learn how to salsa dance
- Climb a mountain
- Start my own business
- Visited LA, San Francisco and San Diego
- Visited the Grand Canyon
- Visited the Hoover Dam
- Visited Las Vegas
- Disney World
- Living and working in the fashion industry in New York City (I'm living my dream!)
- Become a make up artist
- Take Taekwondo lessons (did it for about 2 yrs)
- Voice lessons at the Eastman Kodak Center
- Tried Japanese, Chinese, West Indian, Thai, French, Italian, Indian, South African, Middle Eastern and Eastern European food.
- Take a walk in Cental Park
- Eat at Tavern on the Green
- Visit Washington DC
- Visit Boston
- Visit Canada: Toronto, Missisauga, Montreal
- An autism walk
- Bike tour for MS (multiple years)
- A breast cancer walk

I'll be updating and re-adjusting it as I complete things and add new things.