I wasn't sure about this style after I finished it. The more time that went by, the more it grew on me some. It's simple, easy to do, and a pretty style that keeps your ends tucked away from the harsh elements of the cold, winter air.

I learned how to do it from MotorCityMoxie's YouTube channel.

To see the start of the tutorial fast forward to 6:13 of the this first video.

Try it out!


Nik said…
I really love this style!! Your hair has grown so much I need to get like you!

Love this style! Looks gorgeous on you!
Aye Luah said…
MILAN!!! I love how it came out!! how long were you able to keep it in?
Milan said…
Thanks Aye Luah! I left it in for a couple days. I could have made it last longer but I didn't. Lol.
Trucks & Pearls said…
This makes me want to comb out my locks!!! So pretty!