Product Review: Scott Barnes Body Bling

Note: This sample was sent to me for free to share my HONEST opinions of it with the AGCM community.

Oh laaaaaaaaaayyyyyy-deeeeeees. Spring is on its way and here's something you may like for your spring/summer bod. Some of you (depending on or not depending on the climate you live in) may like it right now.

The ever so talented make up artist, Scott Barnes' (he's done make for practially all the stars including Jennifer Lopez and we all know her flawless her make up always is), Body Bling is back and I'm diggin it.

I tried the one in original (the other is platinum) and thought this product was cool because it adds a healthy glow, "bling", to your skin. If you are lighter than me, it will give you a tanned glow. If you're my complexion or darker it will give you a "golden" glow. It goes on smooth and non-greasy and it washed off easy for me. I will inform you, this is not an eco-chic or the most "natural" product. It has ingredients like mineral oil and parabens in it. Buuuuut, I feel like if you're not going to wear this every day (some of you might though. Errr....), I don't see much harm in putting it on every now and again for a night out or on a chic/special occasion where say, your shoulders or back (or legs) will be out. It's a nice extra touch and I see no complaints on the fellas end. :D

The instructions don't mention putting it on your face so I didn't and wouldn't put this on my face. Use your better judgement on this. Also, this is not meant to be a regular body lotion so put this lotion on when you have some skin out that needs to be noticed!

You guys want a giveaway on this? Comment, comment, comment! If they see how many comments are on here, I may be able to convince them to do a giveaway on here. What say you?


I just found out about scott barnes, and I love the products that I've tried. I might give this one a go.
Balls Of Beauty said…
i'd love to try some body bling, esp in the spring n summer when your out on the town! i still have some shimmer powder that i glide on my decollete if im wearing a tube topish looking dress or top! trying it on my legs is different!
Savannah said…
I would love a giveaway! Scott Barnes gave JLo her glow and you see how well that worked out for her! He's a genius and I am alway looking for some kind of bronzer for dark skin. I use NARS in Laguna on my face but this looks like it will work for my legs. Bring it on!
Chrissystina said…
Yes, a givewaway would by HAWT.
I've been hearing all this buzz about Barnes lately; I want to try this stuff!